Atkinson Community Center

          The Atkinson Community Center, located at 206 Hwy 20, is available for wedding receptions, family reunions, birthday parties, funeral dinners, as well as business meetings of any kind and many other events.  The building consists of three main rooms - a large room (100' x 78') which has a capacity of 500, a small room (33' x 33') which has a capacity of 100, and a fully equipped kitchen with a serving window into each room.  There is a garage door ( 14'w x 10'h) in the large room which can be used if needed.  There is a stage (14'x30') located on the east side of the large room which may also be used at the Lessee's discretion.


           Audio/Visual equipment is available for use in each room; the large room has two screens with projectors and the small room is equipped with one screen and projector.  Wireless internet service is accessible throughout the building at no additional charge.




RENTAL RATES (per day)



                             Non-Commercial                              Commercial                              Deposit Required


 Kitchen                                                         $  75                                                $  75                                            $  50

 Small Room                                                 $  75                                                $  75                                             $  50

 Large Room                                                 $175                                                $225                                             $150




           If additional days are required for decorating or cleaning, the charge is $25 per room per day.


         To reserve the Community Center for your event, a LEASE AGREEMENT must be signed, accompanied by the rent and submitted to the City Office.  The deposit is due to the City Office upon picking up the key for the building.  The deposit will be returned to the Lessee upon inspection of the premises after the event.  Any cleaning or damage charges will be subtracted from the deposit.      


           If liquor is to be served at the event, the Lessee is responsible for contacting the Atkinson American Legion Post, Tim Hamik, at 402-340-7542 or 402-925-5766 to make arrangments regarding the liquor license for the event.  This should be done at least 30 days in advance if possible.


          The Community Center is furnished with 23 large round tables and 50 eight feet long tables.  There are 334 folding chairs and 200 padded chairs.  These are stored in the closets and all must be returned to their respective closet upon the end of the event.  No tables, chairs, kitchen utensils or any other equipment may be removed from the Community Center at any time.


          The Lessee is responsible for cleaning after the activity is over.  Restrooms must be cleaned, floors swept and/or wiped clean, and trash placed in the dumpster behind the building - this includes any trash in the parking lot.  There are several people who can be hired to do the cleaning after the event; check with the City Office for names and phone numbers.





















104 S. Main St. / P.O. Box 519 / Atkinson, NE  68713 / Ph: 402-925-5313 / Fax: 402-925-5780

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

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