The City of Atkinson Office Building houses the

City Council Chambers, City Clerk/Treasurer,

Police Department, Utilities Department,

and Economic Development

Office Hours:

8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday

104 S. Main St.

P.O. Box 519

Atkinson, NE 68713

Ph: 402-925-5313 - Fax: 402-925-5780


After Hours Maintenance Issues, call 402-925-2611.

City Employees



Nancy Kopejtka

Utilities Superintendent

Gary Thurlow

Utilities Clerk

Cheryl Ziska

Economic Development

Amanda Sindelar

Police Department

Chief Tim Larby

Sgt. David Mincer

Officer Grant Hitchcock

Maintenance Department

Gary Thurlow

Scott Fix

Chris Winer

Travis Schmitz

Charlie Griess

Elected Officials



Paul Corkle

City Council

Chuck Asher

Ron Krysl

Gary A. Lech

Riley Olson

 Jerry Osborne

Scott Shane

Comprehensive Plan 2016-2026
               Chapter 1
               Chapters 2-3
               Chapters 4-5

Uniform Codes

The following official codes, in their present form and as they may hereafter be amended, are hereby designated as Uniform Codes and are incorporated by reference when the same are applicable to the City.


International Building Code

International Residential Code

International Property Maintenance Code

Whenever a new edition of one of the above codes is published, the same shall be considered the building code for the City. 

This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer

104 S. Main St. / P.O.Box 519 / Atkinson, NE  68713

Ph: 402-925-5313 / Fax: 402-925-5780