Housing Rehabilitation

          The City of Atkinson has developed a Housing Rehabilitation program to increase the supply of decent, safe, and sanitary housing for low-to-moderate income individuals and families residing within the city limits of Atkinson, Nebraska.  Further, the City of Atkinson will promote housing programs that prevent the spread of blight and its influence, provide assistance to those persons of the greatest need, improve the availability and desirability of housing in the city, and discourage the abandonment or neglect of residential dwelling units, promote continued home owenership, increase the attractiveness of existing neighborhoods, and increase local employment.



This program is designed to provide funds to eligible homeowners for home repairs and improvements, such as:


          *  Repair or replacement of windows, doors, and siding

          *  Roof repair or replacement

          *  Water heater, furnace/AC

          *  Insulation and storm windows

          *  Repair of walls, ceilings and floors

          *  Accessibility changes for persons with disabilities

          *  Health and safety related items, including reducing or eliminating lead-based paint hazards




*  Home must be an owner-occupied single family home and NOT a mobile home

*  Home must be located withi the City Limits

*  Household income cannot exceed HUD's Income Limits (see table)

*  Property taxes on home must be current

*  Applicants must have a net worth of less than $75,000 excluding residence

*  Homeowner must carry current dwelling insurance

*  After the rehabilitation has been completed, the home must meet the minimum health and safety standards set by the Nebraska  

   Department of Economic Development


 INCOME LIMITS (effective 6/1/18)

(gross annual income must be at or below the dollar amount)



                                         4% Interest Level                                  2% Interest Level                             0% Interest Level


1 Person                                $38,100                                                 $30,940                                             $23,800

2 People                                $43,550                                                 $35,360                                             $27,200

3 People                                $49,000                                                 $39,780                                             $30,600                       

4 People                                $54,400                                                 $44,200                                             $34,000

5 People                                $58,800                                                 $47,775                                             $36,750

6 People                                $63,150                                                 $51,285                                             $39,450

7 People                                $67,500                                                 $54,860                                             $42,200

8 People                                $71,850                                                 $58,370                                             $44,900






Contact the Atkinson Economic Development office located within the City Building for an application.  Return the completed application and all other documentation required to the office.  All documentation is then submitted to CDS & Beyond, LLC, who is contracted with the City of Atkinson to administer the Nebraska Affordable Housing Program (NAHP) housing rehabilitation funds received from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.  CDS will then verify all documentation and conduct an inspection of the property in question.  The City of Atkinson Housing Board will then review the application and will recommend approval or denial to the City Council, whose determination is final.  A subordinated lien will be placed upon the property behind the primary lender.


For more information or for an application contact:    Amanda Sindelar, Director

                                                                                           Atkinson Economic Development

                                                                                           City of Atkinson

                                                                                           P. O. Box 519

                                                                                          104 S. Main St.

                                                                                          Atkinson, NE  68713








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