2020 City of Atkinson, Nebraska Pool Rules

General Information


  • Pool will be opened daily, for three (3) sessions, as follows:


1-3 p.m.

4-6 p.m.

7-9 p.m.


The 1-hour break between sessions will allow for the lifeguards to clean and disinfect.


  • Pool will open Monday, June 22nd, for Atkinson residents for a free pool day.


  • Pool will be open to the public, starting Tuesday, June 23rd.


  • Pool capacity is limited to 194 people (excluding staff) until further notice.


  • No outside food or beverage is allowed.


  • No pool toys are allowed.


  • No pool parties.


Atkinson Covid-19 Pool Rules


In addition to any existing rules and regulations of the City of Atkinson pool, the following additional rules are in effect for the summer of 2020:


  • Participant Release. Each participant will be required to sign a release for the summer (one time only). If a swimmer is a minor, their parent must sign on their behalf.


  • Contact Information. Each participant must provide their name and phone number for each session for contact tracing purposes.


  • Social distancing. Will be strictly enforced. Groups must be no larger than eight (8) individuals and must maintain six (6) feet of separation between groups. A group is defined as immediate family members only. All pool patrons, unless you are with your “family group”, must maintain six feet of social distance from all other patrons. Swimmers should stay at least six (6) feet apart while standing in line. Swimmers not adhering to social distancing guidelines are subject to expulsion.


  • Showering. All swimmers are required to shower in their swimsuits with soap before entering the pool deck.


  • Health screening. All participants will be asked if they have a fever or if anyone in their house has had a fever in the past 14 days. Temperatures will also be checked prior to each session, for all swimmers.


  • Supervision. Any child under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a responsible person who is 14 years of age or older from the same family. Such responsible person shall monitor the activity of their group to ensure social distancing.


  • Rule changes. Any directed health measures shall supersede these rules and shall be strictly followed. All rules are subject to change without notice.


For more information contact the Atkinson Swimming Pool
at 402-925-5745 or visit 700 N. Main St. in Atkinson.

Prior to being allowed to enter the pool, participants 18 years of age or older or parents/legal guardians of children 17 and younger must sign a COVID-19 Participants Agreement for Atkinson Pool Usage (ONE TIME ONLY.) An agreement must be signed for each child in the household.

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COVID-19: Participants Agreement for Atkinson Pool Usage

Swimming Lesson will not be offered during the 2020 pool season. 

Looking for a summer job? Click here to apply for positions at the pool.

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104 S. Main St. / P.O.Box 519 / Atkinson, NE  68713

Ph: 402-925-5313 / Fax: 402-925-5780


This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer