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City of Atkinson


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Mayor's Appointments 2022 - Boards & Commission Listings

City Attorney: Michael Sholes

City Clerk/Treasurer: Nancy Kopejtka

Chief of Police: Tim Larby

Utilities Superintendent: Gary Thurlow

Economic Development Director: Amanda Sindelar

City Street Superintendent: Reed Miller

City Engineer: Miller & Associates

City Physician: John Tubbs, M.D.

Building Permit Inspector: Tim Larby & Gary Thurlow

Finance Committee: Gary Lech & Jerry Osborne

Streets Committee: Ron Krysl & Riley Olson

Water and Sewer Committee: Chuck Asher & Scott Shane

Council President: Jerry Osborne

Audit/Accounts Payable: Gary Lech, Ron Krysl & Scott Shane

Board of Health: Mayor, Chief of Police, Council President & City Physician

Personnel: Jerry Osborne, Chuck Asher & Paul Corkle

E911 Board: Bill Rahder & Paul Corkle

Depository of City Funds: Farmers State Bank, Great Western Bank & Tri-County Bank

Emergency Management: Tim Larby, Manager, & Grant Hitchcock, Deputy Manager

Planning Commission - 3-year term  
Mike Lorenzen 2022
Jim Brennan 2022
Tom Keogh 2022
Maxine Brink 2023
Dan Ziska 2023
Darrell Smith 2024
Barb Schroeder 2024









Board of Adjustment - 3-year-term  
Scott Johnson 2022
Don Mlinar 2022
Dan Ziska - Chairperson 2023
Truman Rossman 2023
Matt McGrew 2024







Park Board - 1-year term
Chuck Asher
Brent Hooey
Stuart Dockter
Ron Krysl
Paul Corkle, Mayor







Tree Board - 3-year term  
David Gibbens 2022
Kenny Wettlaufer 2022
Pam Bergstrom 2023
Gary A. Lech 2024
Scott Shane 2024
Paul Corkle, Mayor  








Elkhorn Meadows  
Barb Liable 2025
Mike Skulavik 2026
Randy Goeke 2022
Jim Brennan 2023
Vickie Friedel 2024







LB 840 Citizens Advisory Committee - 4-year term  
Mike Lorenzen 2022
Kylie Dockter 2024
Janell Rossman 2023
Jim Brennan 2025
Brian Mlady 2025







LB 840 Loan Board - 4-year term  
Margaret Linse 2022
Jon Wolf 2024
Dan Kramer 2023
Lisa Bilstein 2022
Jason Mitchell 2025







Library Board - 3-year term  
Miechelle Davis 2022
Margaret Linse 2023
Lee Martischang 2023
Harry Morgan 2024
Tarin Adkisson 2024
Jerry Osborne - City Liaison  








Cemetery Board - 3-year term  
Bonnie Bilstein 2024
Darrell Leisy 2024
Nancy Kopejtka 2022
Claranna Witherwax 2023
Clark Gotschall - Advisor  
Paul Corkle, Mayor - City Liaison  








Community Development Agency
Paul Corkle, Mayor - Chairperson
Jerry Osborne - Vice Chairperson
Chuck Asher
Ron Krysl
Gary Lech
Riley Olson
Scott Shane


CNCAP - Representative
Amanda Sindelar




Central Nebraska Economic Development District - Representative
Amanda Sindelar, Board of Directors
Nancy Kopejtka, alternate




Holt County Economic Development
Amanda Sindelar
Jim Brennan, alternate





Sturdevant-McKee Foundation Museum  
Sheryl Fix 2024
Karen Nolette 2023
Ben Sholes 2023
Nancy Hood 2023
Brad Slaymaker 2023
Jean Krumweide 2022
Christine Slaymaker 2022









Nancy Kopejtka, City Clerk-Treasurer
Paul Corkle, Mayor





Safety Committee
Gary Thurlow
Nancy Kopejtka
Tim Larby
Paul Corkle, Director






Airport Zoning - 4-year term  
Jack Flannery 2022
Gary Friedel 2022
Richard Flannery County






If you would like to apply for city boards, commissions or committees, please click here for an application. The completion of this application does not guarantee acceptance, but your interest in the community is noted and appreciated. You will be contacted before any action is taken on your appointment. Incumbents whose term expires are automatically considered for reappointment unless they indicate non-interest.


Please print & return this form to the Atkinson City Office at 104 S. Main St, P.O. Box 519, Atkinson, NE 68713; by email at info@atkinsonne.com; or call 402-925-5313.