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City of Atkinson


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710 W. 5th St., Atkinson, NE  68713

The Woodlawn Cemetery is owned and operated by the City of Atkinson. The Woodlawn & St. Joseph’s Cemetery Directory is located on the south side of the Woodlawn Cemetery and directly across the street from the St. Joseph’s Cemetery. This directory was prepared by Claranna Witherwax with assistance from Seger Funeral Home. If you are interested in purchasing a lot or space contact Seger Funeral Home, 302 W. State St., Atkinson, NE or 402-925-5420.

Rules and Regulations

Our cemetery rules and regulations have been drawn up to facilitate the work of administration and care of the cemetery in
extending to everyone equal and fair treatment and to maintain uniform control as well as the beauty of our cemetery.  

  1. Cemetery hours are sunrise to sunset.
  2. Only human remains can be buried in the cemetery.
  3. Only two (2) burials to a space. 1 full adult interment and 1 cremation or 2 cremations with 1 at the head and 1 at the foot. Two burials per space will only be allowed upon all living immediate family members giving their permission in writing.
  4. All cremated remains must be buried in non-biodegradable urn or urn/vault and that all cremation burials must be retrievable. NO burials of only wooden urns or boxes.
  5. Markers must be at the head or foot of the graves.
  6. All stones must have a 3 inch wash.
  7. No spreading of ashes is allowed. 
  8. A lot or space made available to the cemetery, by the owner, will not be purchased by the cemetery.  However, the cemetery may let interested purchasers aware of lot or space and may refer them to the owner for a private sale.
  9. Floral decorations are permitted for 7 days before and after the specified event, such as Memorial Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, New Interment, etc.
  10. Permanent flowers need to be in vases on top of the stone or adjacent to the base of the stone. Arrangements other than those in regulation permanent vases, will be removed after 7 days, to permit mowing of the grounds.
  11. All floral arrangements must be securely fastened.  Materials like wire or wooden stakes must not be used as it may be dangerous during mowing 
  12. Glass containers and tin cans will not be allowed to remain on grave sites for cut flowers or watering purposes.  There will be no planting of trees, shrubs, or flowers in the ground.
  13. Shepherd hooks are allowed, one per lot, adjacent to the foundation.
  14. Markers in Babyland must be at ground level.
  15. Marking fee for graves and stones is $40. An assessment of $80 will apply, if no permit is obtained.
  16. Grave spaces are $350 each.
  17. The following are prohibited: fast driving, driving off of roads, picking flowers or plants, breaking or injuring trees or shrubs, defacing any walls or monuments.      
  18. The cemetery is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, vandalized or stolen decorations. Any decorations which are not within our guidelines may be removed. The cemetery is not responsible for storing or saving any decorations.  
  19. Use of facilities and services are subject to the rules and regulations of the cemetery not in force or that hereafter may be adopted.
  20. All persons are reminded that the grounds are sacredly devoted to the burial of the dead, and that the provisions and penalties of the law, as provided by the statutes, will be strictly enforced in all cases of wanton injury, disturbance and disregarding for the rules and regulations of the Cemetery.  

“This institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer”